Social Women's Cricket

Social Women's Cricket

Fun, friendly, fast and easy as! Find Locations

New fun cricket format played with friends and family, equal participation for all players on a scaled field with all equipment provided

For women of all ages and skills

Games completed in 60-90 mins

Uses a soft ball - no padding required

Team atmosphere

Played for fun, nothing too serious

Make new friends

Mix & mingle post-game

Celebration at end of the season

Game format

Teams of 8 players

16 x 6 ball overs per innings

16m pitch length

Boundary size is 30m

Soft ball

Playing the game

3 fielders on each side of the pitch, bowler and wicket-keeper

Fielders rotate one position clockwise at the end of each over

Batters bat in pairs for 4 x 6 ball overs (regardless of dismissals)

Overs shall be spread as evenly as possible between all players

Wides and no balls are not re-bowled however the next delivery is a Free Hit

Each time a wicket is taken, the fielding team shall receive 5 bonus runs which are added to their total runs scored

The team with the highest number of runs is the winner after adding runs scored off the bat and bonus runs together


Round up your friends, get outside and get moving in 2021!