Senior Indoor

Senior Indoor

Indoor cricket is a fun and social way to get active with your friends or family. Find Indoor Centre

So what is Indoor Cricket?

Indoor matches last just over an hour

Teams of only 6 or 8 players per side

Everyone gets a chance to bat and bowl

Divisions to cater for all abilities

Perfect for men & women

Great for fitness all year round

No experience necessary

Play after work

100% sun safe – cricket played indoors

Indoor Cricket

You can't beat the action and excitement of a game of Indoor Cricket

Find your local indoor centre

Cricket is a sport for all!

It's for women & girls

24% of cricket participants are women and girls

It's for indigenous Australians

1.6% of registered club cricket participants identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

It's for everyone

24% of registered club cricket participants identify as having one or more parents born overseas

What other senior formats are there?

Play organised games of cricket at your local club - and make new friends!

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