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Cricket Blast - Master Blasters

Information for Parents

MILO T20 Blast is a super fun, social, safe cricket program for boys and girls aged seven to 12. After learning the basic skills in MILO in2CRICKET, MILO T20 Blast allows kids to experience modified games using lighter equipment in a format that promotes non-stop involvement and equal participation.

The program was developed to ensure young cricketers can progress with confidence from MILO in2CRICKET through to junior hardball cricket.

The program is much shorter than traditional cricket, with a maximum of 90 minutes playing time. All the equipment is supplied and the games take place at the same venue each week, at a local cricket club or community centre.

The program is aligned with the Big Bash and includes all the music, dancing, colour and excitement of this popular competition.

Why parents love MILO T20 Blast

  • Professionally coordinated program
  • Kids have fun and are active whilst developing fundamental movement skills
  • Each child develops important social skills including teamwork and how to be a good sport
  • The program is shorter than traditional cricket
  • Safe format and environment
  • No need to buy equipment
  • Smaller fields allow kids to learn and develop, and parents to get closer to the action
  • Boys and girls can play together and are guaranteed equal participation
  • 90 minutes of family time with your child
  • Special offers from Big Bash teams

Why kids love MILO T20 Blast

  • Fun, fast and always active
  • Maximum participation for boys and girls of all abilities and everyone gets an equal turn
  • Kids develop the skills to play real games of cricket
  • Numerous participants creates an enjoyable atmosphere
  • Coloured clothing and music looks and feels like they are playing Big Bash cricket
  • Opportunity to participate in an on-ground activation at Big Bash matches
  • Can play the same fantastic format they enjoy in MILO T20 Blast School Cups

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