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How to Run a Junior Blasters Session


Woolworths Cricket Blast – Junior Blasters Handbook

In this handbook you’ll find everything you need to run a Junior Blasters program, including activities and games, safety tips, and suggestions to modify activities and accelerate skill development in the “Change it Up” section.

Junior Blasters Handbook.pdf


Woolworths Cricket Blast – Junior Blasters Activity Cards

The handy A5 Activity Game Cards have been developed to use on the go. They contain all the same information as the activities laid out in this handbook, in a simple front and back design.

Activity Videos

To access all of the in-session and at-home activity videos, head to the Woolworths Cricket Blast App which can be downloaded at the App Store or Google Play Store.


Coaching Tips

Fundamental Movement Skills                    Batting

Bowling                                                              Fielding