Junior Cricket

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Junior Club Cricket

Play organised games of cricket at your local club - and your kids will make new friends!

AGES 9-17


  • Features:
  • Age group: 9-17 (dependent on skill level)
  • Length of game: 2-4 hours
  • Season: After school or on the weekend. Spring and summer seasons.
  • Options: Many clubs have all girls teams as well as mixed teams.
    • Benefits:
    • Less players on the field means more action for players
    • Shorter pitch lengths and boundaries means more action and better skill development
    • Shorter game time. Games last between two and four hours played on the weekends or after school
    • More fun with new and old friends

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Junior Indoor Cricket

Play games of cricket at your local indoor centre - and your kids will make new friends!

AGES 9-17


  • Features:
  • Fun action-packed matches
  • For girls and boys
  • Various divisions to cater for all abilities
  • Play indoors - never washed out!
  • All games last just over an hour
  • Experienced umpires provided
  • Seasons start regularly through the year
  • Benefits:
  • Everyone gets a chance to bat and bowl
  • Shorter game time, more action
  • Pay as you play

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