The game of indoor cricket

Indoor cricket is played on a rectangular, artificial-grass surfaced court. The court is enclosed in tightly tensioned netting, including a 4 metre high roof. The length of the pitch and size of the stumps are exactly the same dimensions as outdoor cricket.

Like traditional cricket, indoor cricket involves two batsmen, a bowler and a team of fielders. The bowler bowls the ball to the batsmen who must score runs. The team with the highest score at the end of the match wins.

Despite these basic similarities, indoor cricket differs significantly from its traditional counterpart in several ways, most notably on the field of play and the means by which runs are obtained.

Summary of Indoor Cricket Rules

  • Each team consists of a maximum of 8 players (minimum of 6)
  • Each team bats for 1 innings and bowls for 1 innings of 16 overs (total 32 over game)
  • An over consists of 8 balls or deliveries (variations may occur)
  • A bowler cannot bowl consecutive overs
  • Each batting pair bat for 4 overs
  • Dismissals are a 5 run deduction from the score

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