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With 8 players per side, each and every fielder bowls 2 overs, and each pair of batsmen face 4 overs - even if they are given ‘out’!

Therefore, unlike outdoor cricket, the rules dictate that every player in the game participates equally and matches only last around 60-90 minutes in total. And with the compact size of the court, no player can be banished to far away on the boundary as some of us have experienced in outdoor cricket. In indoor cricket, everyone is close enough to regularly be involved in the action of the game. Plenty of action is guaranteed!

One of the many positive aspects of Indoor Cricket is its suitability for children. Many indoor centres have junior indoor cricket competitions, the ball is softer than a regular cricket ball, limited equipment is needed (and can be borrowed at the centre), everyone is involved to the same degree (regardless of ability) and participants of all fitness levels can play.

Indoor Cricket offers many opportunities for your child to develop their skills – without any worry about sunburn or washouts. The best preparation for a summer of outdoor cricket would be to get involved in indoor cricket during the “off-season” like so many stars of today did as kids.

Whatever your child's skill level, they will find indoor matches to be enjoyable and challenging.


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