Learning the Skills

MILO T20 Blast

What is MILO T20 Blast?

For more than 20 years, Cricket Australia and State and Territory Cricket Associations have delivered entry-level cricket programs that enable children to learn cricket skills in a fun, friendly and enjoyable environment.

MILO T20 Blast has been developed to ensure junior cricketers can progress with confidence from MILO in2CRICKET to competitive club cricket competitions and play an appropriate format of cricket that will inspire them to continue as a player and a fan.

MILO T20 Blast is a graduate program and bridges the gap between MILO in2CRICKET participants and junior club cricket. The aim of MILO T20 Blast is to:

  • Introduce participants to real games of cricket
  • Continue to develop skills and techniques learnt in MILO in2CRICKET
  • Maximise and ensure equal participation for all participants
  • Increase kids’ passion for cricket
  • Provide another option for families to be involved in Australia’s Favourite Sport
  • Ensure families continue to see links to BBL teams
  • Increases the uptake of volunteers by altering the perception of non traditional cricket families
  • Less initial financial and time commitment due to all equipment being supplied and shorter more flexible games


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